On stage award presentation at trade show

On Stage Presentation

San Antonio Tradeshow Photography

If you took a look at my convention photography page you might be thinking everyone is spending a small fortune on lighting and displays. True, many of the larger companies spend a lot on marketing.  You can still have very nice images with a simple setup like you see at this tradeshow. The meetings used a nice logo as the background for the stage shots and the tradeshow itself was a mix of simple booths and more complexed displays. Even basic signage is helpful for branding because it can be incorporated in the background of the images which looks great in newsletters and future show invitations.

Video for future marketing efforts

Another aspect of branding and marketing could be short video clips of attendees. this is something I am starting to offer. It is not a video production so the cost would be reasonable. A single light and mic for the person doing the interview. One or two questions per person and you have a great marketing video to attract attendees for next year. Video placed on your FB page gets unreal results. Many will have 1000 views in under a week and that is on a page with 300-500 fans. People love to learn from watching videos.

Award Presented at the trade show

Award Presentation at Trade Show

Trade show photo with Logo background

Branding using Background Logo

Vendors at trade show

Trade Show Floor

Trade show attendees

Trade Show Guest

Trade show photo of show hall

Attendees at Trade Show

Setup Photo

Trade Show Setup Photo


Make It Look Busy!

The key to trade show photography is to make it look busy and have a lot of action. Even with a good number in attendance by the time they spread apart it can look almost empty and no one wants to attend or rent booth space at an empty show. You need to be in the position to capture the main opening rush before everyone dispenses through the show. This will give the marketing department a great image to use. Later focus on individual booths and the interaction of guest and vendors. 

trade show images

Interaction at Trade Show

trade show

San Antonio Trade Show

Convention Center

San Antonio Convention Center

display at trade show

Trade Show Display

guest photos

Show The People

People going to class

Lots of Action

As you know conventions and trade shows can last an entire week. During this time I take hundreds of images showing just about everything, you would need for marketing. Most of the images are horizontal ( landscape ) which provides a wider view of the action. I use square crop images on the website because it works best with the layout and size reduction for mobile phones. All contracts include full use rights without any time limits or limitations. The images are all print quality, 300 PPI and large enough for a full page display ad.  I usually include web quality also which I reduce to 96PPI. The reason for this is some of the images resolutions are so large they are difficult to upload to social media. The web size works flawlessly for this purpose.