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frosted glass

Frosted Glass

photo of beverage

Beverage at Bar

Product Photography in San Antonio

I include quite a bit of post-production work in the price estimates. Products require a lot of adjustments to get the correct look as it is seldom achieved straight out of the camera. This can be from adjusting the brightness of the background to increasing shadow detail for more depth. Just like portrait photography, it takes a photographer with a well-balanced skill set to make the product look the way it should.

Many photographers quote prices based on what is called “shoot and burn”. This is done by inexperienced photographers who simply don’t know what post production is and what is needed to bring images to the next level. Digital images are much the same as film except with film post processing was done in the lab. With digital, the work is done in various computer editing programs such as DPP, Lightroom, Photoshop and sometimes all three depending on the effect required.

I see the results of this all the time. Just recently I met with a restaurant chain to bid on food photography. They mentioned they had at least 5 different photographers provide thousands of images with few being good enough to use. At first, when I heard 5 photographers I started to assume maybe this client is really hard to please and expects something more in the area of image creation than photography but when I heard thousand of images I knew they were using shoot and burn photographers who sell quantity over quality. After seeing the images in print it was clear none were photographed correctly. Bad lighting, incorrect white balance, poor shot angles and too many other issues to list. Look at the portfolio and ask questions before hiring a photographer.

espresso maker

Espresso Maker

Jumex photo

Jumex Photo

Restaurant client

Customer at Bar

Violin Photo

Violin Photo


Soap Photo


Serving Tray

ad photo

La Costena Ad Photo

mayo jar photo

La Costena Mayo