Henry Cisneros mayor of San Antonio, Texas, from 1981 to 1989 Former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Henry Cisneros mayor of San Antonio, Texas, from 1981 to 1989
Former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Award Gala Speaker

Award Gala Speaker

Photo of award presentation

Award Presentation

Award Presentation at event

Award Presentation

Photo of award gala.

SAHCC Award Gala


Event Photography in San Antonio

The area of event  photography is very specialized. In fact, it is one of the most difficult subjects to photograph. The rooms are always massive with dark walls and ceilings which literally absorb the light as you try to shoot. The ambient light is usually a mix of 3-4 colors. A spotlight might be 3500K while the accent lights are 2800K. For comparison a standard flash is 5000-5600K. What this means is you can easily have off color people and objects. Orange skin is the normal look for on stage images unless special attention is given to balance the color mix.

Color processing is an area few photographers understand. It is an artistic balance between what you see with your eye and what the camera actually photographs. The two are seldom the same. The key is knowing the circumstances that account for the different color and adjusting for it both during and after the photo shoot.  Few photographers shoot in a format that allows for future color adjustment because it makes the files too large and slows down their computer.

All you need is an expensive camera!

Many photographers think paying a few thousand for a camera means it can shoot in any environment using the “auto” mode. WRONG, this means the camera is able to do anything the photographer has the knowledge to do when setting in the manual mode. The auto mode is just a sales tool used to fool  consumers into buying higher priced equipment thinking it will be easy to use. A photographer needs to be organized and prepared when shooting trade shows and conventions. The action moves fast and you have only a second or two to capture the moment or is lost. As a full-time professional photographer, I have the skills and equipment needed to get high-quality images at your event.

A video clip about color.

Correct Skin Tones

Event photography usually means poor lighting conditions and light that changes color and intensity every few feet. This means the setting that was correct for the first photo may be totally different for one takes seconds later. Knowing how and when to adjust between shots is important.

Phoro of guest at SAHCC event

Guest at SAHCC Gala 2016


Selfie Setup fpr event photos

Selfie for Instant Social Media display by Chase Bank.

Selfie at event

Selfie at Event

Guest at event

VIP Guest at Event

Guest photo at event

Guest with Logo Background


The number of images taken and delivered will vary with the event.  A few more samples from 2015.

Photo of on stage entertainment at convention

On stage Entertainment

Photo of convention, workshop

Classroom Workshop Photo

Photo of speaker

Workshop Speaker

Photo of convention attendees

Attendees at Convention

sign into workshop

Workshop Sign In

Convention photography for NACAS

Award on Stage for NACAS 2015

Speaker at NACAS event.

NACAS Speaker on stage

event photo of award receipent

Award recipient

photo of keynote speaker at convention

Keynote Speaker at Convention

photo of registration line at convention

Registration for Convention

hyatt convention

Hyatt Hill Country has expanded convention space with exceptional lighting and sound.


San Antonio has 5  major event venues. The HB Gonzales Convention Center located next door to the Grand Hyatt. Not to be confused with the Riverwalk Hyatt a block away.  Across the street is the Marriott River Center overlooking the San Antonio river.  Next, you have the Hill Country Hyatt with several brand new meeting rooms. The lighting packages are amazing if you have the budget for them. The Hill Country Resort is next door to Seaworld and about 20 minute drive from downtown. On the other side of town you have the JW Marriott. It is very busy with conventions and trade shows. The JW Marriott  is about a 30 minute drive from downtown. Of course, San Antonio has many other locations for events but these are the 5 I book jobs at the most. 

The first event images shown from the SAHCC Gala were taken at the Grand Hyatt. The next event shown above was held in the HB Gonzales Convention Center. The event shown below was held at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort. 


Convention photography at the Hyatt

After Hours at The Hyatt

award presentation

Group Award on Stage

group toast

Group Toast


Award Presentation

achievement award

Recognition of Achievement

award winner

Award Winners


Howl at the Moon Party

event photo after hours

After Hours

Sign hat

Sign the Hat…A Texas Thing!


On Stage Presenters

keynote speaker photo at Hyatt Hill Country

Keynote Speaker


Award Winners


Award Presentation

after party

Howl at the Moon

award photo

Award Photo on Stage


Hat Awarded

award given

Award on Stage

stage view

Stage View at Convention

speach from award winner

Award Winner 

River Barge

San Antonio River Barge

after party

Howl at the Moon After Party