Before & After Billboard Layout in San Antonio

Before & After Billboard Layout in San Antonio

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Commercial Photography for Advertising

Most of the images taken are used for some kind of promotion. Usually social media and business cards. Sometimes the client has an established business and needs to be seen by a larger number of people. This is where billboards and print advertising come into place. If you have a graphic team to design and layout your ad I can provide images. If you need assistance in layout and design I can provide a finished product ready to print. Even though I am not a graphic designer I have 30 plus years in design and know my way around many design programs. I have provided finished files for magazines, billboards, websites and books.

Billboard photo

Before & After Billboard Photo

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Billboard Image


Tracy Lawrance Photo for Layouts

Cooking Photo

Cooking Photo for Magazine

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Album CD Cover

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CD Layout

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CD Insert

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Bacardi Print Ad