How to layout a business card.

The business card samples shown below  need a phone number and email address placed on the front of the card. Other information such as fax, website, and  street address would be on the back.

I want my clients to benefit from the images they purchased. The only way this will happen is to use the image in the correct way.

I found that many of the images I take are for business cards and other promotional material. Unfortunately, the images are not used correctly. Most of the time someone will insert them into a ready-made template which looks generic and cheap. Other clients pay to have a card designed and the designer is stuck in the 1980’s. Tiny boxed images placed on a card trying to sell everything they have to offer. All this leads to is a confusing mess no one wants to read and an ineffective business card.

The business card should be used not to sell but to inform the viewer you name, profession and how to contact you. The other details can be placed on the back which is where the viewer knows to look if more details are needed to reach you.

A well-designed card can increase business because it makes a lasting impression.

Business card layout

Business Card Layout

Card with dark background

Business Card – Dark Grey Background

Business card layout

Layout of Business Card