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Emmy Award-winning journalist and native San Antonian  Sarah Lucero anchors KENS 5 News

 Sarah Lucero anchors KENS 5 News: Photo 2016

Jeff Brady, news anchor for KENS 5 News.

Jeff Brady, news anchor for KENS 5 News.

KENS 5 Chief Meteorologist Bill Taylor

KENS 5 Chief Meteorologist Bill Taylor,. Photo 2016

Business Portrait of Arlena Amaro News Anchor for Telemundo 60 News

Arlena Amaro News Anchor for Telemundo 60 News

Alex Hernández es Presentador de Noticias para Noticias 60 Telemundo

Alex Hernández es Presentador de Noticias para Noticias 60 Telemundo

Lilian Pérez trabaja como Presentadora del Tiempo para Noticias 60

Lilian Pérez trabaja como Presentadora del Tiempo para Noticias 60


What makes my photography services superior?

The quality of the finished product.

Because I do things most other photographers never even consider.  With my focus being commercial,business portraits and events.  I have developed my own solutions to provide images that look natural, relaxed and fit more than one use. Sure this takes a lot more time in post production but the end result is worth it. This means that perfect image can be made to look as if it was shot for your advertising campaign, your Facebook banner, your LinkedIn profile, and even your business card. Don’t settle for a limited use image. You see a lot of white backgrounds on my site because white always looks professional but also because it can be modified into almost any color you would want. This is how many billboard and ad images are photographed.

What should I expect when taking a business portrait?

I know everyone is busy so I try to get you out as fast as I can.  Usually, for a basic business portrait similar to the samples above you will be in front of the camera for no more than 5 minutes. If I am doing my job right I should have quite a few images to look at. About 50% will be average shots with 3-4 standing out as exceptional. Next, we narrow down the selection by picking the best for retouching. I prefer an enhanced but natural look. No plastic skin unless that is your preference. Next, I burn the files to a CD or send to you by drop box. The whole process is usually under an hour.


Professional Portrait Photography

Professional Business Portraits

My business portraits and professional headshots can be taken in the studio located on Broadway or at your place of business. Portrait photography is unique because the outcome really depends on the ability of the photographer to see the final image before it is taken. You need to understand facial features and other factors to know how to position the subject and what combination of light and camera angles to use to get the best results. As you can see from all of my sample images they have a couple major points in common. learn more


Product Photography

Product photography covers just about anything you can imagine. I have photographed products ranging from clothing and handbags to internal airplane engine parts.  The  end result is usually pretty much the same. Clean sharp images that can be used for websites and print. Some require additional processing to place the object on a transparent background allowing unlimited background changes for last minute ad layouts and promotions. We can photograph most pieces in out studio but can go on location for larger and heavy items. learn more

Jumex photo

Jumex Photo

Texas Governor Abbott

48th Governor of Texas Greg Abbott SAHCC Gala / Award Ceremony (photo 2015)

 Event Photography in San Antonio

(Liability Insurance and Errors & Omissions active for all photo shoots.)
Another area of expertise is event photography for conventions and trade shows. Unlike portraits, usually taken under controlled conditions, event photography requires vast knowledge of the technical side of photography. Many try to get around this by using one of the AUTO modes in the camera. Unfortunately most of the time the results are far from professional quality and many times totally useless. Those settings attempt to balance out what would be considered good photography conditions but fall short at many event or tradeshow venues. My image quality speaks for itself. Take a look!